It’s a very easy system if you just read the instructions. Here is how the system works:

1) You sign up.

(Place the order in the name of the person that will be getting certified. The “First Name” and “Last Name” used during the purchase process is the name as it will appear on the certificate(s). This cannot be changed later.)

2) When you have completed the sign up process you will automatically be in your training “portal”.

3) Read every word on that page. Then click “Your Courses” in Section 1.

4) Click the title of the course to access the course lessons.

5) You will then see a list of course lessons. Click the lesson that states “Start Here”.

6) Next you will see the textbook materials for you to download; download them. Once downloaded click “Mark complete and go to next lesson.”

7) You will be where the videos start. You will study the textbook materials and the videos together; just as if you were sitting in a traditional classroom with your textbook in front of you listening and watching the instructor at the front of the classroom.

Each video is roughly 30 minutes long. You can stop and start as often as necessary.

8) When you feel you have studied enough, you may take the exam. You may take the exam as many times as needed to pass. It is open book and consists of true/false and multiple choice questions. Once you begin the exam you must complete it or you will have to start over when you come back.

9) Once you pass the exam, you must mark it as complete.

10) Download your certificate by clicking the green button that states “Click here to get your certificate”. It is a large file so give it plenty of time. It is your responsibility to keep your certificate in a safe place. We do not have access to them.