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  • • You can get certified on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • • You can study on your own schedule and at your own pace.
  • • You can save at least 74.3% in training costs and 32 hours in time.
  • • No travel required.

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Michael J. TillmanMy name is Michael J. Tillman. In 1999, I had a job I hated, was living in a one-bedroom apartment, and driving an old Chevy Astro Van. I struggled every day with wanting to make a difference in the world; to make my life count for something. I had a burning desire to help people, but--and this is key--I wanted to make good money doing so.
With just $40.00 and an idea, I started Amdecon.
During the first five years of operation Amdecon became the premier crime scene cleanup company in Texas, and we grew to several locations across the United States. But, because I had to figure everything out for myself, I made a million dollars worth of mistakes during those first five years.

You don't have to make those same mistakes. Let me help you!

I will teach you everything that's taken me decades to learn the hard way.

This is the only source for my training. I opened the industry's first dedicated training center in 2004, invented what has become the industry standard 5-day training course and syllabus, and launched the industry's first distance learning programs in 2007. I have since closed down our training center and am now fully embracing technology so that you can study inexpensively, in your own home or office, and at your convenience and pace.


Whether it was at the scenes doing the cleanups or developing training standards, Amdecon has been setting the gold standard for the Bio-Decon Industry since 1999!


26 countries can't be wrong!

I have helped thousands of people in Afghanistan, Australia, the Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, Columbia, England, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United States get into the business, help their communities, and make really good money doing it.


Today, for a fraction of the cost, you can receive the exact same training others used to pay us thousands of dollars for. And you don't have to spend money on airfare, hotels, rental cars and dining out!

I only offer distance learning programs today.


Amdecon training is environmentally friendly; it's the green way to get certified.
Reduce your carbon footprint. No aircraft exhaust, no rental car exhaust, no shipping textbooks cross-country, no extra electricity used powering an old-fashioned training center.

Go Green - Go Amdecon!

Read what real Amdecon students have to say:


Bill Flynn

CSI Mortuary Services LLC

I just wanted to let you know I was truly impressed with your knowledge and training style. I now have TEN certified technicians including myself who have been through the training program and become certified biohazard technicians.


Karla Granger (Environmental Scientist)

This is the most comprehensive course I've taken in my 15 years of environmental consulting experience. It really sets a good base for expansion of all things concerning meth lab decontamination. Although there's lots of material to absorb, I can take the time to learn it at my own pace. This is definitely a course I would recommend for anyone wanting a solid base for anything related to meth lab decontamination.


Michael Young

Michael Tillman is an excellent instructor. It is immediately obvious that he has extensive industry experience and conveys the information in a way those who have no industry experience can understand. Thank you Amdecon and keep up the good work!


Nate Berg


I wanted to personally say thank you for changing my life with your training.



Amie Dulay-York (President)

Amdecon's real training, education, and a strong emphasis on ethics make all the difference in the Bio-Hazard industry. Mr. Tillman offers a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver great guidance and the tools to carry out a successful business. The comprehensive interactive courses Amdecon offers provide our team with real-life applicable training and confidence in what we do on a daily basis.


Rob Cousins

I have spent money and time on other courses in New Zealand that taught me absolutely nothing.
A BIG thank you to Michael Tillman at Amdecon for the top class online training course. Great company, Great trainer!



Capt. Robert Heyer

Nuclear, Chemical, & Biological Response Unit. Red Bank, New Jersey Fire Dept.

I am a Fire Department HAZMAT Captain from Northern New Jersey with a degree in biology.  The course was excellent and I learned countless things that can be incorporated into our department's emergency bio-hazard response.





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IICRC Continuing Education Credits and Certification Classes

Continuing Education Credits!


(See individual course details for more info about CECs.)




The Amdecon Advantage


  • Be a top money-maker in your field.
  • Cover every detail—including type of stain, paint, floor, carpet, machinery, evidence…even different degrees of blood dryness.
  • Proven tips, techniques, strategies, and secrets from a veteran with years of field experience.
  • Extremely thorough—we’ve heard every question before and we answer them all.
  • ALL easy access—call or email a real live expert anytime.
  • Convenience—your pace, your best time of day (even 3 am), in your slippers.
  • Efficient—no wasted time, bathroom breaks, late-starts, tangential discussions, or bad jokes.
  • Clear, conversational, not technical or jargon-filled, and HIGHLY practical.
  • Real-life stories, photos, and examples WAY more material covered than humanly possible when confined in a classroom.
  • Amazing images—leave NOTHING to imagination.
  • Hidden regulations and violations that can save you tens of thousands in fines and penalties.
  • Plain-English, super-easy to follow—even if you’ve got little background knowledge.
  • Break through barriers of entry in the industry—quickly and easily.
  • Approved for Continuing Education Credits with the IICRC.





Benefits Of Online Education



  • Researchers have shown that students who receive online training have a learning retention of an impressive 75%, while those who participate in an old-fashioned traditional classroom setting only have a retention rate of 24-25% due to all the travel related stress and distractions.
  • Study on your schedule at your own pace.
  • Study when you are mentally alert and want to learn.
  • No wasted time with late starts, off-topic discussions, bad joke, off-topic discussions, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, etc.
  • High retention rate. Remember what you learn.
  • No expensive airfares, hotels, rental cars, or dining out.
  • Study at your pace on your own schedule. Study at 3 AM in your underwear if you want!
  • No jet lag.
  • Study from your home or office.
  • Online training is the future. One day soon nobody will believe that we used to have to get on an airplane, get a hotel, rent a car and dine out every night just to sit in a classroom.
  • Environmentally friendly – no aircraft exhaust, no rental car exhaust, no electricity powering an old-fashioned training center.





What about "Hands-On?"

How do we do our hands-on "working a scene from beginning to end" portion?
Like this:
If I called you up and said, "I have a shotgun suicide (or meth lab or hoarder property) to go to and I want you to come with me. You're going to stand right next to me for the entire job from the beginning to the end. I'm going to tell you what we're going to do, why we're going to do it, and then we'll do it right before your eyes so that you can see everything in fine detail. I'll take my time and teach you everything, step by step. When we're done you'll know everything I know about working a scene from beginning to end!"
You'd think that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, wouldn't you?
You'd drop everything you were doing to jump at this offer, wouldn't you?
Well, our training is no different from that. The only thing you don't have to do is get all hot and sweaty!
Amdecon was the first training center in the world to create actual crime scene mock-up rooms.
If anyone knows how to recreate a crime scene, it's us!
We have 10 different crime scenes incorporated into our "working a scene from beginning to end" training module so you gain tons of experience.
We work that scene step-by-step, showing you what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. By the time we are done with that scene you will have more knowledge and experience that some people who say they've been in the business for years!
You learn how to deal with furniture, different floor coverings, different paint types, different ceiling and wall textures, art work, computers, window coverings, etc. (Learning how to deal with all these different items would take you 6-12 months out in the field.)
We learn with our eyes, ears, and mind.
Do you really need to block a week out of your life, fly cross country, get a hotel, get a rental car and drive to a building just to put on a suit and be shown how to use a sponge? Of course not!
You might be saying to yourself, "What if I have a question? It's not like I can raise my hand and get an answer."
Believe me, I've trained students in 26 countries and all the students had the same questions in every single class. All of your questions will be answered if you just take the course as designed. All we ask is that you jot down your questions as they come to you and continue studying the course. Typically you will find that when a question pops up in your mind it's getting ready to be answered. If you'll just continue studying the course, your questions will be answered.
But what happens if you really do come up with a question that has never been asked before? It's easy: You email or call us and we'll discuss it. We are available to you and it's really just that simple.
Don't be one of those people who later in life wonder, "What if I had taken that training and gotten certified? Where would my life be today?"

Don't let fear stop you from having the life you want.

“Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid”
- Dorothea Brande