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Established in 1999 by a Certified Safety and Health Official and OSHA-Authorized Trainer, Amdecon provides nationwide, compassionate, discreet services for families and businesses who are dealing with a traumatic event such as a suicide, homicide, unattended death, or industrial fatality or accident. We follow all OSHA, DOT, EPA, local and state guidelines and regulations.

Amdecon has an A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation.


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We provide professional, certified, confidential, biohazard mitigation and remediation services across the entire United States.
We provide services to residential, industrial, or commercial locations. Services include clean up of mass casualty incidents, biohazard cleanup of any type, death scene cleanup, blood spill cleanup, infectious disease decontamination, tear gas cleanup, meth lab decontamination, hoarder property cleaning and any other high-risk biological or chemical situation.
There is a suicide attempt in the United States every 38 seconds. A large percentage of those attempts are by firearm. Whether or not the attempt is successful in causing death, there is usually a need for proper biohazard cleanup and remediation services.
Research shows that when family members perform suicide scene cleaning, the probability of another suicide in that family greatly increases. Don't take that chance, let us clean it for you.
In many cases our charges are covered by your homeowners' or commercial insurance policy. Your cost may only be a small deductible.
We understand that if you are searching the internet because you need help all the different industry terminologies you come across can be very confusing.
Let us clarify this for you.
Many different terms are used for this industry such as crime scene cleanup, CTS Decon, biorecovery, and crime and trauma scene cleaning. All these various terms refer to biohazard cleanup of any type, such as death cleanup, blood spill cleanup, infectious disease decontamination, tear gas cleanup, meth lab decontamination, hoarder property cleaning, and any other biological risk situation.
These terms all refer to the act of the biological cleaning at the scene of a suicide, murder/suicide, homicide, unattended death (decomp and/or human decomposition) and gross filth (hoarders) situations.
Many, but not all, companies that perform crime and trauma scene clean up also perform other services. These other services may include hoarder property cleaning, methamphetamine lab cleanup, fire/water/mold remediation and restoration services along with water (flooding) extraction and dehumidification.
A person who actually performs the work for a living is known as a trauma scene waste practitioner (in California), biorecovery decontamination specialist, biorecovery technician, forensic cleaner, crime scene cleaner, and CTS Decon technician. All these titles mean the same thing - someone who professionally cleans up crime and trauma scenes, meth labs, or hoarder situations for a living.
If you have ANY situation where there is human blood or body fluids that need to be properly disinfected and situations where you have an area that needs to be remediated, then you have a need for us.
Do you have a property where a SWAT team used CS or CN tear gas riot control agents? If so, we can help you remediate the situation so you can get the property back to normal as quickly as possible.
Do you have a property where methamphetamine was produced or do you have a meth user lab? Again, we can help you with that.
Since our inception, Amdecon has helped families, business owners, and property owners across the nation, and we strive to treat each client as we would our own family members and friends.
Founded in 1999, our goal has always been to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We work in terribly tragic circumstances and we do everything in our means to make those situations better for everyone involved.

Our goal is to help people with compassion, respect, and understanding for generations to come.
Amdecon is recognized by law enforcement agencies nationwide as experts in the field of CTS Decon (crime and trauma scene decontamination). All our personnel are certified decontamination specialists.
We will custom tailor our decontamination, abatement, and remediation work-plan to suit the need of any commercial or residential client. If you have the need to neutralize the scene, area, or event of a homicide, suicide, unattended death, residential accident, industrial accident, SWAT team tear gas entry, mass casualty incident, or a communicable disease outbreak such as Ebola, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, etc, we are here for you.

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