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Do you want to get certified in crime scene clean up, meth lab decontamination, and hoarder property cleaning?

Do you want to start your own company, work for an existing company, or are you seeking biorecovery technician training for your employees?

Do you want to become a crime scene cleaner? Do you want to cleanup meth labs and hoarding properties?

Do you want to own your own business and work for yourself in the crime scene, hoarder, or meth lab, cleanup industries?

Want to become and expert in forensic cleaning? Do you want to become a CTS Decon technician?

Do you want to be fully trained and certified 10 days from now?

Have you been researching all over the internet and all you are doing is getting frustrated, confused, and upset?

Nobody will tell you anything? Nobody will help you? Do some people even hang up on you when you call to ask questions?

Or do they tell you that you have to spend thousands of dollars to fly to some other state to take their training? (They don't tell you that they copied our courses, do they?)

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you've come to the right place because Amdecon, America's Decontamination Company™, has the training you are seeking.


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Our training is based on our real-world in-the-field work on over a thousand jobs across the United States.

Our instructor, Michael J. Tillman, is an OSHA-Authorized Trainer and one of the founding fathers of the entire industry.

Mr. Tillman has also completed a five-year journey to obtain the credential of Certified Safety and Health Official.

Want to learn how to provide cleanup services for murders (homicides), suicides, human decompositions (putrefaction), hoarder properties, gross filth properties, and methamphetamine labs? Then we have the training you want.

Amdecon has helped thousands of people in over 25 countries get into the business and make good money helping their communities.

Now you can get trained and certified on YOUR schedule, on your computer, at YOUR OWN PACE, EASILY and INEXPENSIVELY!

Learn everything that took Michael Tillman 15 years to learn! Learn from his mistakes. Don't re-invent the wheel. It's like having Michael Tillman as your personal coach!

Crime scene cleanup refers to decontaminating scenes of homicides, murders, rapes, residential accidents, industrial accidents, suicides, decomps, e.g., scenes where humans (and/or animals) have died and decomposed. The proper term for this industry is Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination, which stands for crime and trauma scene decontamination. A person who performs this work is known as a CTS Decon Biorecovery Technician (generically called a crime scene cleaner).

You will also hear it referred to as trauma scene cleanup, bio-recovery, forensic cleaning, death scene clean up, blood cleaning, etc. All these terms refer to the same industry and even though it is generically called crime scene clean up, the majority of the jobs are not crime scenes. Think of all these terms as referring to a biologically contaminated site that needs to be properly cleaned and decontaminated and that will help you understand all these terms better.

Crime scene cleaners are many times also involved in hoarder property cleaning and meth lab cleanup because many of the work principles, supplies and equipment, techniques, paperwork and regulations are common to the three industries of crime and trauma scene cleaning, meth lab decontamination, and hoarding cleanup.

Why would anyone want to get into this industry?

Because it is very rewarding. It can be very emotionally rewarding to help others who are dealing with a terrible event in their life and it can be very financially rewarding at the same time.

The largest CTS Decon job we ever handled was $267,000.00. While that is not large compared to some fire/water damage jobs it is very large for a crime scene cleanup company. An interesting note is that this job was out of our geographic service area so we passed it on to one of our students. That turned out to be a great job for him!

If you are an employer seeking to train employees, but don't want them to know any of the business aspects of the business, then you want to be sure to check out our 21-Hr. Employee Crime/Trauma Scene Clean Up course.

The Amdecon Advantage

  • Be a top money-maker in your field
  • Cover every detail—including type of stain, paint, floor, carpet, machinery, evidence…even different degrees of blood dryness
  • Proven tips, techniques, strategies, and secrets from a veteran with years of field experience
  • Extremely thorough—we’ve heard every question and answer them ALL
  • Easy access—call or email a real live expert anytime
  • Convenience—your pace, your best time of day (even 3 am), in your slippers
  • Efficient—no wasted time, bathroom breaks, late-starts, tangential discussions, or bad jokes
  • Clear, conversational, not technical or jargon-filled, and HIGHLY practical
  • Real-life stories, photos, and examples
  • WAY more material covered than humanly possible when confined in a classroomAmazing images—leave NOTHING to imagination
  • Hidden regulations and violations that can save you tens of thousands in fines and penalties
  • Plain english, super-easy to follow—even if you’ve got little background knowledge
  • Break through barriers of entry in the industry—quickly and easily
  • Unlike live courses, you OWN this, and get to review WHENEVER
  • Approved for Continuing Education Credits with the IICRC

Unlike an old-fashioned sit-in-a-chair class you can always go back and review our courses.

You can go back and review the courses as many times as you want, for as long as you want.

The training materials are yours to keep forever!


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Read what some of our students have to say:


We are an existing company with extensive training, experience and a rigorous ongoing training program. Our personnel operate in lethal environments on a day-today basis. With that in mind; I'd like to say your training program exceeded my expectations, and that never happens!–Bryan Bishop-USA

I feel blessed to have listened to my wife and to have humbled myself in seeking your specialized-expert-training. After viewing your courses, I realized I knew absolutely nothing! It would have been an utter disaster on many different levels had I not studied your course work."–Rossi LaGrand-USA

Ich als Inhaberin des Unternehmens Avalino Spezialreinigung möchte Ihnen danken. Der Kurs ist verständlich und gut gestaltet, ausgesprochen informativ. Kursaufbau und Inhalte sind sehr gut- Erlerntes ist im beruflichen Alltag gut anzuwenden. Wir als Avalino werden Ihren Trainingskurs weiterempfehlen!–Herzliche Grüße and Tatjana Bartsch, Avalino Spezialreinigung-Germany

Thank you so much for the great training. I thought I knew a thing or two about doing this work. Boy was I wrong. The depth and insight in this course is incredible. There are very few unanswered questions after watching your videos, what's even better is that you actually return calls when we do have questions. I also appreciate your high level of ethics. –Jeff Jonderko-USA

Mozliwosc uczestniczenia w prowadzonym przez Pana kursie byla dla mnie prawdziwa przyjemnoscia. Uwazam, ze jest Pan urodzonym nauczycielem, bo nie tylko przekazal mi Pan mnostwo bezcennej wiedzy, ale rowniez sprawil Pan, ze chce zostac prawdziwym profesjonalista w tej branzy...–Piotr Hurec, Polska (Poland)

Thank you for stepping up and figuring this industry out for the rest of us. I was blown away by the business model you have created and the amazing training system you have streamlined for those who have an interest in your field. Your vision to protect the standards of this industry is realized in your training, and you have raised our own level of professionalism. –Nathan Folse-USA

I am just writing this to thank you for what you have done for me in out here in Brisbane Australia. I also would like to thank you for the way you dealt with me, I emailed with questions and within a day I had the answers, it was such a pleasure to work with someone who has real knowledge and real experience in the field work as well, –Colin Davies-Australia

All my worries were gone when I saw that you also gave the business owner so much information on how to quote and run the business. I doubt if I would have been able to be successful, had I not signed up for your course. It is a complete package. You thought of everything...–Petro van der Westhuizen-South Africa

Due to my previous work experience I felt I had a acquired a reasonable amount of knowledge about what this line of work entailed. It was only after taking your course that I became aware that we had been working in a manner which was unsafe, highly irresponsible and, quite frankly, illegal.–Ken, Regina, Canada

I was a nuclear biological chemical specialist, a chemical technician, and member of the (IRT) Initial Response Team for HazMat on Fire Department. I Basically thought in this field with all of my prior experience there would be nothing more for me to learn especially when it came to OSHA regulations, well I was completely wrong. –Jim Garden-USA

I just wanted to let you know I was truly impressed with your knowledge and training style. I now have TEN certified technicians including myself who have been through the training program and become certified biohazard technicians. Following your plan has proven to be very beneficial and lucrative for our company.–Bill Flynn-USA

Here's how it works:

  • You order the DVD course(s) you want.
  • When your DVD(s) arrives you print your textbook.
  • You study the textbook and videos together.
  • When you are ready you forward us your receipt and tell us you are ready for your exam.
  • We send you your login credentials and you complete the exam online. You get two attempts at the exam.
  • When you pass the exam we email you your high-resolution certificates.

You are now certified. It's that easy!

Here are links to the courses we offer:

26-Hr. Crime/Trauma Scene Clean Up

21-Hr. Employee Crime/Trauma Scene Clean Up (For your employees/technicians: Business/marketing is not discussed.)

Hoarder Property Cleaning

Meth Lab Decontamination


Annual Refresher (Amdecon alumni only)

What about on-site hands-on training?

So what about hands on? Here's what we have to say about that:

If Michael called you up and said,

"I have a shotgun suicide (or meth lab or hoarder property) to go to and I want you to come with me.

You're going to stand right next to me for the entire job from the beginning to the end.

I'm going to tell you what we're going to do, why we're going to do it, and then we'll do it right before your eyes so that you can see everything in fine detail.

I'll take my time and teach you everything, step by step. When we're done you'll know everything I know about working a scene from beginning to end!"

You'd think that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, wouldn't you?

You'd drop everything you were doing to jump at this offer, wouldn't you?

Well, our training is no different from that. The only thing you don't have to do is get all hot and sweaty!

We learn with our eyes, ears, and mind.

Don't believe the myth that says we only learn by doing it with our hands. That myth was created 50 years ago before we had the technology of today.

Do you really need to block a week out of your life, fly cross country, get a hotel, get a rental car and drive to a building just to put on a suit and be shown how to use a sponge? Of course not!

You might be saying to yourself, "What if I have a question? It's not like I can raise my hand and get an answer."

Believe us, we have trained students in over 25 different countries and all the students had the same questions in every single class. All of your questions will be answered if you just take the course as designed. All we ask is that you jot down your questions as they come to you and continue studying the course. Typically you will find that when a question pops up in your mind it's getting ready to be answered if you'll just continue studying the course. Your questions will be answered.

But what happens if you really do come up with a question that has never been asked before? It's easy: You email or call us and we'll discuss it. We are available to you and it's really just that simple.

Want to get into the industry? Take our courses. It's really that simple.

This world is made up of talkers and doers. Which one are you?

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