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You can only sign up one person at a time as each purchase process requires a unique email address and unique user name. That person's account will be tied to the email address and user name.


Place the order in the name of the person that will be getting certified. The "First Name" and "Last Name" used during the purchase process is the name as it will appear on the certificate(s). This cannot be changed later.


If you are an employer and want to train fewer than five employees you will need to go through the purchase process for each employee.

Each employee you are signing up must have their own unique email address and user name. Their email address and user name can only be used for one account on this website.

If you need to create an email address for an employee you can get free emails accounts here or here.

How to register multiple students if you are a business owner or administrative assistant:

1) Register each student on the computer they are going to be using to studying on.

2) Yes, they can use their tablet or computer at home once the registration process is complete.

3) Don't have multiple students using the same computer for studying. The browser's cookies will confuse accounts.


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****NOTE:**** Each of our courses can easily be completed in a week; however, we give you 10 months (from the sign-up date) to complete our full courses and 45 days to complete our refresher courses. It is your responsibility to complete your training on time. No extensions will be allowed.